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Gaza protest

Some 80,000 people rallied in London over the weekend to support the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip whom Israeli forces are slaughtering daily by the dozens. This commendable display of internationalism, defined as unconditional solidarity with the oppressed and the exploited without regard to borders, colors, or creeds, was repeated all over the U.S. and Europe as thousands turned out at similar marches, even defying a government ban in Paris. Bringing this street sentiment into the halls of power, Chile’s parliament voted to suspend trade talks with Israel. Read More


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Golpeando a los  imbéciles  que son las prominentes figuras de la izquierda extrema — gente como George Galloway, John Rees, y Tariq Ali — y su complicidad con el régimen sirio durante la campaña de exterminio contra su propio pueblo podría ser emocionalmente satisfactoria, pero es injusta. Estas personas así como son impotentes, no tienen idea; son viejas glorias, perpetuamente atrapadas tratando (y fallando) de revivir la gloria de los días de su influencia, ya sea 1968 o 2003.

Lo que dicen y hacen cuenta poco para el mundo real. Read More


George Galloway is not someone to be allied with. Every political cause he champions becomes damaged; everything he gets involved in becomes a scandal. Members of the British parliament are expected to be hypocritical, ego-driven, and self-serving at times – they are politicians, after all – but Galloway exhibits all three traits constantly and with a uniquely manic ferocity.

Despite his politically destructive and wholly opportunistic behavior, he is undoubtedly popular among British Muslims; their support remains important to keeping him in the House of Commons. This enduring support will not be easily undone even though it has outlived its legitimacy.

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British group Stop the War Coalition’s (StWC) statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just another example of its pro-imperialist anti-imperialism. Whereas Lenin saw wars as the continuation of political struggle and derived his stance from a thorough analysis of all sides involved and an independent evaluation of where the interests of the workers’ movement lay in a given conflict, StWC leader Lindsey German merely looks at which side has the backing or involvement of Western governments as if Western imperialism were the only imperialism or as if Russian imperialism does not exist. She admonishes people who demand that StWC take the same “hands off” position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that it took regarding a U.S. military strike on Syria: Read More

[The following is the text of an email sent to since she is scheduled to speak at their church, St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral. Please copy, paste, adjust it for your own needs, and send!]

To Whom It May Concern:
On December 6, your church is hosting an event “What Is Really  Happening in Syria Today?” featuring Mother Agnès-Mariam as the keynote speaker.

You should know the following about Mother Agnès-Mariam: Read More

kafranbel-2013-11-08-mother-agnes-main-e1383927915595James Bloodworth’s round-up of the scandal surrounding Stop the War Coalition’s (StWC) invitation to gassacre-denier Mother Agnes is excellent because he gets to the root of why so much of the Western left (including the governments of Cuba and Venezuela) has sided with counter-revolution and fascism in Syria in the name of ‘anti-imperialism’:

“In inviting Mother Agnes to speak the Stoppers were simply sticking faithfully to their own ‘anti-imperialist’ worldview — hence why the organisers still see nothing wrong in having selected her as a speaker. It was after all the organisation’s National Officer John Rees who once wrote: ‘Socialists should unconditionally stand with the oppressed against the oppressor, even if the people who run the oppressed country are undemocratic and persecute minorities, like Saddam Hussein.’”

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Slamming the dimwits who constitute the far left’s leading lights — people like George Galloway, John Rees, and Tariq Ali — for aiding and abetting the Syrian regime’s scorched-Earth campaign against its own people might be emotionally satisfying, but it is unfair. These people are as powerless as they are clueless; they are has-beens, perpetually stuck trying (and failing) to re-live the glory days of their influence, whether that be 1968 or 2003.

What they say and do counts for little in the real world.

Far more damaging in material terms to the Syrian people’s revolution than the slander peddled by these irrelevant eunuchs are the actions of Cuba and Venezuela, two countries where the left’s influence is so vast that it holds the reigns of state power, controls media outlets, and commands armies.

Where these governments lead, leftists the world over follow. What they say is heard ’round the world. What they do matters.

Before scabbing on the Syrian revolution, Cuba and Venezuela did a dry run with the Libyan revolution. Read More