Declaration of the Homs Liberation Movement

1Harakat Tahrir Homs (Homs Liberation Movement) is a military formation, founded by a group of dissident Syrian officers and revolutionary intellectuals as a result of the injustice and oppression inflicted on the Syrian people by the regime of Al-Assad, the criminal, in order to protect the people from this systematic killing machine that has exceeded all humanitarian and ethical boundaries that were not confined to one component of Syria’s fabric but affected all Syrians, Christians, Muslims, and various sects and groups.

The Homs Liberation Movement was founded on the basis of a leadership hierarchy to avoid the actions of undisciplined individuals, through a chain of command from the base up to the top of the military pyramid, and this stems from the fundamental principles of leadership and lofty goals.

The objectives of the movement during the overthrow of the regime:

  1. Work to unify and organize the forces and media towards overthrowing the murderous regime in Syria, which is the main objective at this stage.
  2. Organize military action in the movement’s geographical area to be meaningful and effective.
  3. Prepare fighters militarily and intellectually, raise them to renounce extremism and ideas that fall short of religious tolerance, humanitarianism, and morality.
  4. Preserve the lives of Syrian civilians and non-combatants from different backgrounds, secure the evacuated from dangerous areas, and strive to provide what they need within the limits of the possible.
  5. Protect public freedoms of citizens in the liberated areas and work to provide for their needs as much as possible.
  6. Commit to the promises made by the movement and to international humanitarian law and human rights law in times of war and peace.

The objectives of the movement for the post-revolution system:

  1. Maintain security in movement areas.
  2. Enforce the resolutions issued by the bodies agreed upon by the Syrian people.
  3. Rebuild Syrian society in a unified way and put light and heavy weapons at the disposal of the official body that corresponds to the Syrian people.
  4. Maintain the mosaic that composes of Syrian society and renounce all forms of exclusion.
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