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Statement #11

Statement from the Islamic Front on the liberation of the city of Kessab

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Following the heroic liberation of Kessab, the desperate Assad regime has launched a smear campaign to portray the liberation as an act of sectarian genocide targeting the Syrian-Armenian community.

The Islamic Front categorically rejects this unsubstantiated accusation. The Islamice Front has never had, nor will it ever hold, malevolent intention towards any religious or ethnic group in Syria. Read More



British group Stop the War Coalition’s (StWC) statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just another example of its pro-imperialist anti-imperialism. Whereas Lenin saw wars as the continuation of political struggle and derived his stance from a thorough analysis of all sides involved and an independent evaluation of where the interests of the workers’ movement lay in a given conflict, StWC leader Lindsey German merely looks at which side has the backing or involvement of Western governments as if Western imperialism were the only imperialism or as if Russian imperialism does not exist. She admonishes people who demand that StWC take the same “hands off” position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that it took regarding a U.S. military strike on Syria: Read More