LeftWithout spending a dime or enjoying any organizational/institutional support, Democratic Revolution, Syrian Style (الثورة الديمقراطية، الطراز السوري) became one of the most widely-read English-language pro-revolution blogs on the internet in 2014 over 48,000 views by over 29,000 unique IP addresses (basically, readers) in 2014. Democratic Revolution, Syrian Style’s global reach and popularity among Syrian revolution solidarity activists were enhanced by activists who took it upon themselves to translate posts into Arabic and Spanish:

The three most popular posts in 2014 (with a bit of commentary) order were:

  1. The Moderate Rebels: A Complete and Growing List of Vetted Groups Co-written with Hasan Mustafa, the list garnered over 11,000 views, was cited by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and many revolution-related Wikipedia pages, and the Army of Holy Warriors (Jaysh al-Mujahideen) translated it into Arabic.
  2. Selective Internationalism: An Activist Disorder — With nearly 7,000 views, this post was cited and quoted in the Guardian and spread like wildfire on social media thanks to Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous, some of which have over 1 million followers. This post led to the first significant bump in views/readers this year while the moderate rebel list led to the second larger bump.
  3. Contradictions of the Post-Revolution Assad Regime in Syria’s Protracted Anti-Fascist War — At 2,500 views, this post took months to write and was the most difficult to produce analytically since it made use of Marxian dialectics to evaluate the military and class contradictions of all sides in the war.
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