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Like every story, a revolution has a beginning, a middle, and an end. 2013 was the end of the beginning of the armed struggle. Hard-won revolutionary victories gave way to debilitating stalemates that led first to friction and infighting and then to greater unity among the revolution’s armed factions. Read More



Washington suspended its paltry non-lethal aid to the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Supreme Military Council (SMC) led by General Salim Idris after falsely accusing the newly-formed Islamic Front of seizing FSA warehouses at the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Turkish border right before making yet another inelegant about face on Syria policy. Now, Washington says it is open to working with the Islamic Front but insists, “we want our stuff back.”

“To the victors go the spoils” is evidently not something Washington is familiar with. Read More

The above interview with South African socialist Patrick Bond is a good counterpoint to some of the facile criticism of Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid economic policies coming from a few of my socialist Facebook friends and it illustrates points about the Marxist understanding of democratic revolution that (believe it or not) are relevant to Syria.

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