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To: Chuck Kaufman, Kathy Hoyt, James Jordan, Bruce Wilkson, Robert Moses, Elaine Spivak Rodriguez, and Daniele Kohn of Alliance for Global Justice (,,,,,,,

Tear Down the Walls looks like it will be an amazing gathering of progressive-minded people in the Southwestern U.S. that will promote greater unity between seemingly disparate causes such as Palestinian and immigrant rights.

This is why I cannot understand why you are allowing Mother Superior Agnes Mariam de la Croix to speak at your conference at the workshop “What Is Going on In Syria?” on November 2 at 2:30 in the Grenlee room of the Tucson Convention Center.

Mother Agnes claims that the August 21, 2013 sarin gas attack on Ghouta in Damascus, Syria by the regime of Bashar al-Assad was faked and filmed by the regime’s opponents, the Syrian opposition. In her 50-page dossier on the horrible events of that fateful morning, she claimed that the dead, gassed children documented in those videos “seem mostly sleeping” and “under anesthesia.” This ludicrous claim was dismissed outright by Human Rights Watch (HRW): “there’s just no basis for the claims advanced by Mother Agnes. … [W]e have found no evidence to indicate any of the videos were fabricated.” So said Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies Director of HRW, an organization that meticulously documented the nightmarish aftermath of the sarin gas attack. Agnes’ claim also flies in the face of the facts established by the United Nations team sent to investigate the incident. The report states conclusively, “chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale, resulting in numerous casualties, particularly among civilians and including many children.”

When people attend the workshop titled, “What Is Going on In Syria?” they should be told the truth, not blatantly obvious lies and patent falsehoods.

Mother Agnes’s mendacity does not stop there and it is why she has been denounced by Syria’s pro-peace forces.

Syrian Christians for Peace denounced her for claiming at a press conference in Beirut that there had never been a single peaceful demonstration in Syria, “despite having been seen (a mere few hours before) in one of those peaceful demonstrations in Qalamoon.” They pointed out further that Syrian Christians have never seen a dime of the money she raised in the name of their beleaguered community and asked “that she be excommunicated and prevented from speaking in the name of the Order of Carmelites.” Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, a Jesuit priest who was exiled by the Assad regime for speaking out against its murderous response to peaceful protests and who is now being held prisoner by Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, ISIS, said Agnes’s claims are “ludicrous” and “insane.” Father Paolo notes that the organization she claims to be affiliated with, Musalaha (Reconcialiation), “does not exist on the ground.”

As if her fraudulent credentials were not bad enough, Ha’aretz describes her as a “lover of Israel.” Perhaps this explains why she has never spoken out against the Syrian government’s airstrikes on and siege of the Palestinians in Yarmouk refugee camp, located in Damascus, that forced two-thirds of the refugees to become refugees once more. Palestinian activists within Yarmouk have called on the Syrian government to halt all military operations but Agnes will not even acknowledge that such a siege is even happening much less come out in support of their call for peace.

Palestinians in Yarmouk protesting. Children with black headbands have the shahada on it, symbolizing their support for the revolution.

More disturbingly, there is the role Mother Agnes played in the evacuation of 1,800 starving civilians from the rebel-held neighborhood of Moadamiya in Damascus a few days ago. This is a neighborhood where the Syrian government physically blocked all food from entering the neighborhood for months on end, a collective punishment tactic reminiscent of the Israeli military’s illegal and immoral method of dealing with the Palestinians. During the evacuation, men and boys were detained (possibly tortured) and over 100 are being forced to fight for Syrian government forces.

Mother Agnes was central to engineering this evacuation and bears responsibility for the fate of those men and boys.

For all of the above reasons, Mother Agnes does not belong at a conference where people are uniting to tear down the walls of “Wall Street, the US border and Israeli apartheid walls, prison walls, the Pentagon militarism walls, the walls of capitalism, the walls of oppression by race, gender, ethnicity, personal identity.”

It is not too late to do the right thing by cancelling Mother Agnes’s appearance as the Unitarian Church in Vancouver, Canada did when they were informed of her record.

The interests of global justice demand it.



The above text was e-mailed on October 31, 2013. Please use this as a form letter for your own e-mail, share it on or Tweet it at Alliance for Global Justice/Tear Down the Walls Facebook and Twitter pages. Take a stand, make your voices heard.


Mother Superior Agnes Mariam de la Croix (born Fadia al-Laham) is a Catholic nun from Syria who bills herself as an advocate of peace, moderation, negotiations, and reconciliation. As Syria descends into its third year of wanton slaughter, it is understandable then why so many war-weary Westerners would welcome Agnes and lend her their ears and open their hearts.

But just as tired, thirsty people stranded in the desert must beware of chasing mirages of oases, Westerners must beware of Mother Agnes.

She is not what she appears to be.

tourMother Agnes is traveling and speaking throughout the U.S. and Canada on a tour sponsored by the Syria Solidarity Movement, a 501(c)(3) organization based in California founded by Paul Larudee. Larudee says, “We wanted to bring Mother Agnes Mariam to the U.S. to present a point of view that we feel hasn’t been presented too much in North America.”

And just what is this point of view that has been so unfairly shut out from the mainstream media?

It is a point of view as fact-based and morally repugnant as Holocaust denial.

Mother Agnes claims that the August 21, 2013 sarin gas attack on Ghouta in Damascus, Syria by the regime of Bashar al-Assad was staged, that it was faked and filmed by the regime’s opponents, the Syrian opposition. In her 50-page dossier on the horrible events of that fateful morning, she claimed that the dead, gassed children documented in those videos “seem mostly sleeping” and “under anesthesia.” This ludicrous claim was dismissed outright by Human Rights Watch (HRW): “there’s just no basis for the claims advanced by Mother Agnes. … [W]e have found no evidence to indicate any of the videos were fabricated.” So said Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies Director of HRW, whose organization meticulously documented the nightmarish aftermath of the sarin gas attack, interviewing doctors and residents of the neighborhood all of whom corroborated what the videos showed.

Agnes’ claim also flies in the face of the facts established by the United Nations team sent to investigate the incident. The report states conclusively, “chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale, resulting in numerous casualties, particularly among civilians and including many children.”

Despite this, Syria Solidarity Movement is advertising Mother Agnes’s tour as means of answering the question: “What is Really Happening in Syria Today?”

christiansforpeaceMother Agnes’s lies and falsehoods are nothing new. Syrian Christians for Peace denounced her for claiming at a press conference in Beirut that there had never been a single peaceful demonstration in Syria, “despite having been seen (a mere few hours before) in one of those peaceful demonstrations in Qalamoun.” They pointed out further that Syrian Christians have never seen a dime of the money she raised in the name of their beleaguered community and asked “that she be excommunicated and prevented from speaking in the name of the Order of Carmelites.”

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, a Jesuit priest who was exiled by the Assad regime for speaking out against its murderous response to peaceful protests and for attending the funeral of 28-year-old martyred Christian filmmaker Bassel Shahade, described Mother Agnes thus:

“Mother Agnes knows how to dose the words and she is only, I repeat and I emphasize, the (able) clerical expression of the deceitful manipulation action of the Syrian regime. Mother Agnes is a self-proclaimed leader of a movement that does not exist on the ground, Musalaha (Reconciliation-ED), and it is a real problem because for her interpretation of the facts is always selective and one-sided: that the revolution is terrorism!”

These judgments of what appears to be a peace-loving idiosynchratic nun might seem harsh and unwarranted until we look at whether her deeds match her Christian pacifist mantra, her holy aura, and her stance of formal neutrality in the Syrian conflict.

The first indicator that Mother Agnes is a wolf in sheep’s skin is what she ‘likes’ on Facebook.

armamentsYes, ‘liking’ a pro-Assad page after the regime has killed upwards of 120,000 Syrians is self-incriminating apostasy on its own, but ‘liking’ ACDA in some ways is far worse.

What is ACDA? Why, the Arab Centre for Defence and Armaments, of course!



“For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Matthew 26:52


Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth,” but Mother Agnes seems to think ‘blessed are the heavily armed, for they shall inherit the Levant.’

Much more serious than Mother Agnes’ Facebook proclivities is her role in getting Western journalist Gilles Jacquier killed in Syria in 2012. She got visas for Jacquier and his crew into the country, urged them to go into an extremely dangerous area but refused to accompany them. Jacquier appears to have died in suspicious circumstances that indicate he was to be an unwitting party to a regime propaganda operation aimed at smearing the rebels.

“[Jacquier’s group] was also supposed to visit the hospital but they were detoured without explanation to a pro-Assad neighborhood, [Jacquier group member Sid Ahmed] Hammouche said, where they interviewed residents. As they left the area, the group encountered a pro-Assad march and heard an explosion.

“To his surprise, Hammouche said, the soldiers took no evident action to protect the journalists or respond to the explosion; instead, most of the soldiers dispersed without explanation, leaving four escorts who appeared relaxed and dismissed the noise as a ‘sound explosion.’ Hammouche said the soldiers urged the journalists to go toward the explosions to investigate. Hammouche said he and a Swiss colleague refused, remaining in one of two government vehicles, but Jacquier and the others traveled toward the source of the initial explosion.

“More explosions followed, Hammouche recounted: ‘There were four explosions total in a 10-minute period. And that’s it. We didn’t hear a sound after that.’

“Kenck, Jacquier’s cameraman, rushed back. The reporter, he said, appeared to have died in the explosions. At a local clinic where the body was taken, Hammoche recounted, Syrian authorities were insistent that the journalists give statements blaming the attack on ‘terrorists.’ They also urged Caroline Poiron to give her husband’s body over to Syrian authorities for what they termed an autopsy, pressure so strong that she, Hammouche, Kenck felt compelled to stand guard over the body for several hours before it could be given to French officials.”

Jacquier’s widow and two of his colleagues went on to publish a book in which they suggested that she was in on this lethal trap set by the regime.

When Mother Agnes isn’t ‘liking’ militarist Facebook pages promoting death and doing her part setting up journalists to be either used or killed, she spends time cuddling up with sectarian mass murderers like Mihraç Ural, the man responsible for the Banias massacre in which hundreds of Sunni Muslim civilians (at least a dozen of them children) were killed in cold blood.

Ural (left), Agnes (center). Bashar and Hafez (behind).

Ural (left), Agnes (center). Bashar and Hafez (behind).

Most recently, Mother Agnes organized the surrender and escape of 1,800 regime-starved civilians from the town of Moadamiyah, Damascus. As many as 300 military-aged men among them have been arrested and are being interrogated, which in Syria most likely means tortured.

Not once has Mother Agnes ever criticized the Syrian government’s conduct since 2011 and not once has she ever spoken to a pro-revolution event abroad. Instead, she waxes lyrical about atrocities – real and imagined – committed by the rebels and speaks only at pro-Assad events like this one in Italy or at venues where her feigned neutrality will fly only because people don’t know any better such as the Syria Solidarity Movement.

Fortunately, supporters of the revolution in the West are not allowing her to spread her vile lies unchecked. Brigades of free Syria activists emailed the Unitarian Church in Vancouver that was hosting Mother Agnes, notifying them of the snake in their midst and informing them of her true nature; they promptly cancelled the event. This follows a small but successful operation combatting a pro-Assad panel in Los Angeles.

This uptick in activism points to the fact that objective and subjective conditions for a solidarity movement in the West are ripening. President Barack Obama’s moon walk away from his own “red line” and into the arms of Assad’s best man, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, did two things:

  1. It obliterated the illusion among the revolution’s supporters that the U.S. or the international community would somehow come to the revolution’s rescue and for an entire month.
  2. The world’s attention was focused on the suffering of the Syrian people as the prospect of airstrikes loomed large.

Unfortunately, cruise missiles no longer hang over Assad’s head, but the long-term effect of these events is permanent. The opposition within Syria and in exile is becoming a bit more united with themselves and each other – rejection of Geneva II is nearly universal among armed Islamists, unarmed secularists, and the revolution’s moral authority, Kafranbel.


This growing unity is a reflection of the hard-won realization that the emancipation of Syria depends Syrians themselves, that “God helps those who help those who help themselves.” At the same time, the impenetrable wall of complete indifference among the non-Syrian general public to the plight of the people finally has cracks. Our task is to widen those small cracks to precipitate a flood.

Exposing the truth about Mother Agnes is a very necessary part of accomplishing that task.

Special thanks to Mary Rizzo of We Write What We Like and Radio Free Syria for the incriminating screenshots.

The democratic people’s revolution in Syria has accomplished something of world-historic importance: it has united both the imperialists and the anti-imperialists against it. Eastern imperialism led by Russia arms Bashar al-Assad to the teeth, Western imperialism led by the U.S. continues its heavy arms blockade on Assad’s opposition, and so-called anti-imperialists led by As’ad Abu Khalil, George Galloway, Rand Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Stop the War Coalition, and ANSWER Coalition relentlessly slander the uprising every step of the way in every conceivable way.

The near-total international isolation of the revolution — expressed by the fact that only Islamists have displayed any type of internationalism — is the inevitable result of imperialists and anti-imperialists the world over joining forces to ensure the revolution’s defeat, the former for reasons of state, the latter for reasons of ideology and pseudo-realpolitik. This imperialist-anti-imperialist alliance is why every major and minor channel, every corporate and anti-corporate newspaper, every large and small website, every worthy and worthless blogger, and every dominant and oppositional political force on the planet speaks with one voice, endlessly repeating a narrative on Syria that is so at odds with the truth: that extremists are the only/main actors in the Syrian opposition; that brutality, torture, sectarianism, and atrocities are the only/main activities of the opposition; that Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel are the only/main sponsors or beneficiaries of opposition activism; that U.S. president Barack Obama wants regime change in Damascus.


The imperialists and their anti-imperialists ‘opponents’ agree on something fundamental: Syria is not a people’s revolution. It is not a popular uprising. It is not “the forcible entrance of the masses into the realm of rulership over their own destiny (Trotsky).

But on this point, the facts are against the imperialists and the anti-imperialists, and overwhelmingly so.

“Truth is on the side of the oppressed today, it’s against the oppressor. You don’t need anything else.” (حاجّ مالك الشباز; El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz; Malcolm X).

One fact that exposes the falseness of the imperialist-anti-imperialist alliance narrative is how the revolution’s supporters choose the names of their weekly mass protests. These protests have taken place in cities and villages across Syria after Friday prayers on every Friday without exception since the revolution began on March 15, 2011; they are the pulse of the struggle, the voice of the formerly voiceless, a chronicle of each twist and turn their struggle for freedom has taken. According to Wael Tamimi, a Syrian journalist with the BBC’s Arabic Service:

“In the earlier days or month[s] of the uprising, the name was chosen by the admins of the Syrian Revolution page on Facebook, so the people did not used to vote on the name of the Friday. But actually, they complained to the admin. They told him, ‘We want a democratic Syria, so you have to give us a chance to vote for the name of the Friday.’ And actually, the admins of these pages responded positively.”

Anywhere between 14,000 and 30,000 people vote democratically for their preferred slogans. As Uri Friedman remarks, “What’s perhaps most amazing is that the winning Friday name really seems to wend its way from social media to the street.”

Sept. 13, 2013: “Friday of the Murderer Is
Under the International Community’s Protection”
Protest in Aleppo

Yes, democracy, self-rule, and self-organization by the rebellious masses is a most amazing thing. In fact, it is the decisive thing. Hate him or love him, V.I. Lenin was absolutely right about that:

“[P]articular attention should be paid to Marx’s extremely profound remark that the destruction of the bureaucratic-military state machine is ‘the precondition for every real people’s revolution’. This idea of a ‘people’s revolution’ seems strange coming from Marx, so that the Russian Plekhanovites and Mensheviks, those followers of Struve who wish to be regarded as Marxists, might possibly declare such an expression to be a ‘slip of the pen’ on Marx’s part. They have reduced Marxism to such a state of wretchedly liberal distortion that nothing exists for them beyond the antithesis between bourgeois revolution and proletarian revolution, and even this antithesis they interpret in an utterly lifeless way.

“If we take the revolutions of the 20th century as examples we shall, of course, have to admit that the Portuguese and the Turkish revolutions are both bourgeois revolutions. Neither of them, however, is a ‘people’s’ revolution, since in neither does the mass of the people, their vast majority, come out actively, independently, with their own economic and political demands to any noticeable degree. By contrast, although the Russian bourgeois revolution of 1905-07 displayed no such ‘brilliant’ successes as at times fell to the Portuguese and Turkish revolutions, it was undoubtedly a ‘real people’s’ revolution, since the mass of the people, their majority, the very lowest social groups, crushed by oppression and exploitation, rose independently and stamped on the entire course of the revolution the imprint of their own demands, their attempt to build in their own way a new society in place of the old society that was being destroyed.”

In the spirit of this last sentence, out of respect for the over 100,000 who have paid the ultimate price for resisting Assad’s iron heel, here are the names of all the Friday protests in English. This list will be updated every 2-4 weeks until the sun rises over a free Syria, so bookmark, share, ‘like’, and Tweet it until that glorious day.

1: “Dignity” — March 18, 2011
2: “Glory” — March 25, 2011
3: “Martyrs” — April 1, 2011
4: “Steadfastness” — April 8, 2011
5: “Persistence” — April 15, 2011
6: “Greatness” — April 22, 2011
7: “Rage” — April 29, 2011
8: “Defiance” — May 6, 2011
9: “Free Women” — May 13, 2011
10: “Azadi” [Kurdish word for freedom] — May 20, 2011
11: “Homeland Protectors” [meaning Assad’s army] — May 27, 2011
12: “The Children of Freedom” — June 3, 2011
13: “The Tribes” — June 10, 2011
14: “The Honorable — Saleh al-Ali” — June 17, 2011
15: “The Fall of Legitimacy” — June 24, 2011
16: “Leave!” [Bashar] — July 1, 2011
17: “No to Dialogue” — July 8, 2011
18: “Prisoners of Freedom” — July 15, 2011
19: “The Descendants of Khalid (ibn Alwalid)” — July 22, 2011
20: “Your Silence Is Killing Us” — July 29, 2011
21: “God Is with Us” — August 5, 2011
22: “We Will Not Kneel Except to God” — August 12, 2011
23: “Signs of Victory” — August 19, 2011
24: “Patience and Determination” — August 26, 2011
25: “Death Rather than Humiliation” — September 2, 2011
26: “International Protection” — September 9, 2011
27: “Continuing Until Victory” — September 16, 2011
28: “Opposition Unity” — September 23, 2011
29: “Victory to Syria and Yemen” — September 30, 2011
30: “The National Council Represents Me” — October 7, 2011
31: “The Free Army” — October 14, 2011
32: “Martyrs of the Arab Deadline” — October 21, 2011
33: “No-Fly Zone” — October 28, 2011
34: “God is Greater than All Tyrants” — November 4, 2011
35: “Freezing Syrian Regime’s Membership [in the Arab League]” — November 11, 2011
36: “Expulsion of Ambassadors” — November 18, 2011
37: “The Free Army Protects Me” — November 25, 2011
38: “The Buffer Zone is Our Demand” — December 12, 2011
39: “The Strike of Dignity” — December 19, 2011
40: “The Arab League is Killing Us” — December 16, 2011
41: “The Protocol of Death” — December 23, 2011
42: “Marching Towards Freedom Squares” — December 30, 2011
43: “If You Are with God, He Will Grant You Victory” — January 6, 2012
44: “Support of the Free Syrian Army” — January 13, 2012
45: “Detainees of the Revolution” — January 20, 2012
46: “The Right of Self-Defense” — January 27, 2012
47: “Sorry Hama, Forgive Us” — March 2, 2012
48: “Russia Is Killing Our Children” — February 10, 2012
49: “The People’s Resistance” — February 17, 2012
50: “We Will Revolt for You, Baba Amr” — February 24, 2012
51: “Providing Weapons for the Free Army” — March 2, 2012
52: “Loyalty to the Kurdish Revolution” — March 9, 2012
53: “Immediate Military Intervention” — March 16, 2012
54: “We’re Coming, Damascus” — March 23, 2012
55: “The Arabs and Muslims Have Let Us Down” — March 30, 2012
56: “He Who has Equipped a Fighter has Himself Fought” — April 6, 2012
57: “Revolution for All Syrians” — April 13, 2012
58: “We Will Be Victorious and Al-Assad Will Be Defeated” — April 20, 2012
59: “God’s Order Has Come, So Don’t Hurry It” — April 27, 2012
60: “Our Salvation Is in Our Sincerity” — May 4, 2012
61: “Victory from God and Near Breakthrough” — May 11, 2012
62: “The Heroes of Aleppo University” — May 18, 2012
63: “Damascus, Our Date is Near” — May 25, 2012
64: “Houla Children Are the Torches of Triumph” — June 1, 2012
65: “Revolutionaries and Merchants Hand-in-Hand Until Victory” — June 8, 2012
66: “Full Preparation for Full Mobilization; Russia is the Enemy of the Syrian People” — June 15, 2012
67: “Governments Let Us Down, Where Are the People?” — June 22, 2012
68: “We Are Sure God Will Grant Us Victory” — June 29, 2012
69: “People’s Liberation War” — July 6, 2012
70: “Toppling Annan, the Servant Of Assad and Iran – Rage for The Martyrs of Tremseh” — July 13, 2012
71: “Ramadan Victory in Damascus” — July 20, 2012
72: “Uprising of the Two Capitals” — July 27, 2012
73: “Deir Ezzor Victory Coming from the East” — August 3, 2012
74: “Arm Us with Anti-Aircraft Weapons” — August 10, 2012
75: “Victory With a United Free Army” — August 17, 2012
76: “Do Not Grieve Dara’a; God Is With Us” — August 24, 2012
77: “Loyalty to Tripoli and the Free Lebanese” — August 31, 2012
78: “Homs Under Siege Is Calling You” — September 7, 2012
79: “Idlib Is the Grave of the Air Force and the Symbol of Victories” — September 14, 2012
80: “Those Whom the Prophet Loves Are Being Massacred in Syria” — September 21, 2012
81: “Unifying the Free Syrian Army” — September 28, 2012
82: “We Want Weapons, not Statements” — October 5, 2012
83: “The Free Alawites Produce Victory” — October 12, 2012
84: “America, Is your Animosity not Satisfied with our Blood?” — October 19, 2012
85: “God Is Great: He Supported His Worshippers, Made His Soldiers Mighty, and Defeated the Factions Alone” — October 26, 2012
86: “Daraya Brothers in Grapes and Blood, Towards International Justice” — November 2, 2012
87: “It’s Time to March to Damascus” — November 9, 2012
88: “Support the National Coalition” — November 16, 2012
89: “The Time of Victory is Near” — November 23, 2012
90: “The Damascus Countryside is the Fingers of Triumph Over The Palace” — November 30, 2012
91: “No to Peacekeeping Forces in Syria” — December 7, 2012
92: “There Is No Terrorism in Syria Except that of Assad” — December 24, 2012
93: “Victory is Written on the Gates of Aleppo” — December 21, 2012
94: “Bloodied Bread” — December 28, 2012
95: “Homs Calls on the Free to Stop the Siege” — January 4, 2013
96: “Refugee Camps of Death” — January 11, 2013
97: “Revolution Aleppo University: Engineering Martyrdom” — January 18, 2013
98: “Our Leader Forever, the Prophet Mohammad” — January 25, 2013
99: “The International Community Are Partners to Al-Assad in His Massacres” — February 1, 2013
100: “And Hold Fast, All Of You Together, to the Rope of God” — February 8, 2013
101: “God Is Sufficient as a Supporter” — February 15, 2013
102: “Proud Al-Raqqa on the Road to Freedom” — February 22, 2013
103: “One Nation, One Flag, One War” — March 1, 2013
104: “Your Sectarian State Will Never Come to Pass” — March 8, 2013
105: “Two Years of Struggle and Our Revolution’s Victory is Near” — March 15, 2013
106: “Your Chemical Weapons Will Not Halt Our Progress Towards Freedom” — March 22, 2013
107: “Giving Glad Tidings to Those Who Are Patient” — March 29, 2013
108: “Refugees… Honor and Dignity Is Still our Motto” — April 5, 2013
109: “Syria is Stronger Than Those Who Would Divide It” — April 12, 2013
110: “Iran, Party of the Devil, You Will be Defeated Along with al-Assad” — April 19, 2013
111: “Protection of the Majority” — April 26, 2013
112: “Syrians Are Being Killed with Your ‘Red Lines’” — May 3, 2013
113: “Banias – Sectarian Genocide and International Cover-Up” — May 10, 2013
114: “The Independence of the Syrian Decision” — May 17, 2013
115: “Charlatan Resistance — Jerusalem Is Not in Homs” [a message directed at Hezbollah] — May 24, 2013
116: “The Ideals of the Revolution Are Our Red Lines” — May 31, 2013
117: “Ghouta and Qusayr … A Will That Won’t Break” — June 6, 2013
118: “Safavid [Persian] Project: a Threat to the Umma” — June 14, 2013
119: “Support of al-Sham Is in Action Not Words” — June 21, 2013
120: “Ardent Revolution and a Paralyzed Opposition” — June 28, 2013
121: “Be Aware and Wake Up, Oh Brigades — July 5, 2013
122: “Until We Change Ourselves” — July 12, 2013
123: “Ramadan is the Month of Triumph and Conquests” — July 19, 2013
124: “The Drawn Sword of God” — July 26, 2013
125: “If God Gives You Victory Then No One Can Defeat You” — August 2, 2013
126: “The Champions of the Coast Are Coming” — August 9, 2013
127: “Supporting the Coast Rebels” — August 16, 2013
128: “The Terrorist Bashar Kills Civilians with Chemical Weapons While the World Watches” — August 23, 2013
129: “Victory Is Only From God” — August 30, 2013
130: “Not Only with Chemical Weapons Does Assad Kill Our Children” — September 6, 2013
131: “The Murderer Is Under the International Community’s Protection” — September 13, 2013
132: “Only Syrians Will Free Syria” — September 20, 2013
133: “Prisoners as Pure as Jasmine” [referring to women held in regime prisons] — September 27, 2013
134: “Thank You, Turkey” — October 4, 2013
135: “Our Arms to the Front Lines, Not the Liberated Areas” — October 11, 2013
136: “Save Muadhamiya and Southern Damascus” — October 18, 2013
137: “The Solution Is in The Hague, NOT in Geneva” — October 25, 2013
138: “The Blockade Is a Continuous Genocide” — November 1, 2013
139: “NO to the Iranian Occupation of Syria” — November 8, 2013
140: “Go Forth, Whether Light or Heavy” — November 15, 2013
141: “The Blood of the Martyrs Unites Us” — November 22, 2013
142: “God’s Hand is with the Community” — November 29, 2013
143: “Break The Siege” — December 6, 2013
144: “Transfer the War to Areas Occupied by the Forces of Assad” — Dec. 13, 2013
145: “Anger for Aleppo” — December 20, 2013
146: “Death Barrels with International License” — December 27, 2013
147: “The Martyr Abu Rayyan, Victim of Betrayal” — January 3, 2014
148: “Bashar’s Gang: Our First Enemy” — January 10, 2014
149: “Starved to Death: Palestinians and Syrians” — January 17, 2014
150: “11,000 War Crimes” — January 24, 2014
151: “Break Siege: Let the Besieged people Out” — January 24, 2014
152: “Car Bombs and TNT Bombs Are Killing Our Children” — February 2, 2014
153: “Russia: A Partner in Crime and not a Mediator for Peace” — Feb. 14, 2014
154: “The Solution is To Open The Coast Front” — February 21, 2014
155: “Hezbollah: Criminals of Iran in Syria and Lebanon” — February 28, 2014
156: “Aleppo Is Calling: Answer the Appeal” — March 7, 2014
157: “It’s a Popular Revolution, not a Civil War” — March 14, 2014
158: “Toppling the Coalition President [Jarba]” — March 21, 2014
159: “The Horn for the Liberation of the Coast” — March 28, 2014
160: “Completing the Victories on the Coast” — April 4, 2014
161: “#SaveAleppo: Because We Deserve Freedom and Life” — April 11, 2014
162: “#SaveHoms, Before It Is Annihilated” — April 18, 2014
163: “Cleansing al-Raqqa of Baghdadi’s Gangs” — April 25, 2014
164: “The Coastal Front: Steadfastness and Perseverance” — May 2, 2014
165: “God Is Support and They Have None” — May 9, 2014
166: “#BloodElections” — May 16, 2014
167: “The Revolutionary Covenant of Honor Represents Us” — May 23, 2014
168: “Daraa: The Door of the Coming Victory” — May 30, 2014
169: “Farce Over a Sea of Blood” — June 6, 2014
170: “Deir Ezzor Needs Your Help” — June 13, 2014
171: “The Steadfastness of Ghouta In Damascus Needs Support; Eastern Ghouta Does Not Dismiss You, So Don’t Dismiss It” — June 20, 2014
172: “PYD Are Criminals Similar to Ba’ath Party Criminals” — June 27, 2014
173: “ISIS: The Poisonous Dagger in Iraq and Syria” — July 4, 2014
174: “A Unified Army to Restore the Revolution” — July 11, 2014
175: “Thanks to All Those Who Host Syrians” — July 18, 2014
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Sources: Revolution News, Syrian Revolution Martyr Database, Yalla Souriya, Syria Comment, Occupy Antwerp.

To see video footage of each Friday protest compiled from sources throughout Syria, click here.


Bashar al-Assad must be one happy camper. After exposing U.S President Obama’s “red line” for the fake threat that it was, his regime won a major victory in Lattakia thanks to the unwarranted slaughter of Alawi civilians by opposition forces as documented by Human Rights Watch (HRW). While Joanna Paraszczuk of EA WorldView is right that “the HRW report illustrates the dangers of conflating the various factions of the insurgency under the heading ‘armed opposition groups,'” which individuals in which brigade under whose command killed which old lady is completely beside the point.

This was a war crime, a crime against humanity, a crime against the revolution, and a crime that can only benefit the regime.

This wanton criminality was shorn of strategic value or battlefield necessity.

That jackal Assad is grinning in the faces of the brigade fighters who decided to validate the slanders he used to de-legitimize the revolution from its inception.

Ascertaining who precisely is responsible and which brigades are guilty of participating in these crimes counts for (almost) nothing if no one is going to be held to accountable and pay the price for their misdeeds.

Will any of these brigades be forced to answer for the actions before any of the sharia courts in liberated areas? And even if a local court began investigating and prosecuting brigade members, a judiciary is nothing without “special bodies of armed men” to enforce its rulings. Unless the brigades accused were completely and voluntarily cooperative with such rulings, any move to arrest anyone would risk the kind of fratricidal warfare between brigades and their respective allies that has rocked Azaz lately. There, Al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters opened fire inside a hospital when workers refused to hand over someone ISIS accused of being (heads up “anti imperialists”) a foreign spy. According to the hospital’s statement:

ISIS gunmen entered the hospital demanding that the German doctor be handed over, and when the “workers and doctors refused to have him arrested, they opened live fire on the doctors and the people, striking terror in them. So one of the civilian sick came to them and said: ‘How can you open fire on us when we and you are Muslims?’ They said: ‘You are infidel dogs.’ And they fired at his chest, and there were not two meters between the killer and the one slain.”

The real question is to what extent does this massacre (and hostage situation) as well as the contested but growing dominance of ISIS in Azaz and al-Raqqa mark a tipping point, a qualitative shift, in Syria’s democratic revolution? Has it devolved into a Hobbesian struggle between a sectarian revolution and a sectarian counter-revolution?

Without question, these are steps backward away from the revolution’s core values of freedom, dignity, and justice and towards the indiscriminate and merciless terrorism that forms the regime’s core power. One massacre, even as one as horrific and unjustified as this one, does not undo the blood of over 110,000 martyrs just as atrocities committed by Union forces during the U.S. civil war do not invalidate the overall struggle to smash slavery. But one massacre cannot be followed by another, and yet another, in perpetuity without distorting and ultimately undoing the revolution’s noble character by disgracing the memories and legacies of the fallen, of children like Hamza al-Khateeb and young men like Bassel Shehadeh.

If these lawless, extremist trends continue to develop without effective push back from within the revolution, quantity will be transformed into quality.

You can only sink so low before you lose the moral high ground for good.


Once upon a time, it was ubiquitous among progressive-minded people in the West. Once upon a time, Western progressives practiced automatic solidarity with people battling their oppression and exploitation. Borders didn’t matter. Skin colors didn’t matter. Religions didn’t matter. Jenny Marx, daughter of Karl Marx, used to wear a Crucifix not because she was Roman Catholic but to demonstrate her solidarity with the Polish uprising against Russian oppression in the 1860s.


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